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Customers Feedback

"This was the highlight of my trip by far. I have never been so relaxed with breath taking scenery and wildlife everywhere. My guide, Andy, provided a wealth of knowledge that enhanced the trip. Then the fish arrived! I was catching 2 to 5 pound Pollock with nearly every cast for a near full hour. Andy cleaned and filleted the fish, ready to take home and cook. The day was complete with a coffee on the rocks watching the sun set."
Grant Kennedy, Glasgow

Calum's big Pollock"I never expected an evening's rock fishing to be so exciting, we will be back, thanks Andy."
R Collins.

"Wow, what a trip, we saw loads of wildlife, including an Eagle, Gannets, Seals and even some porpoises! Then there was the fishing, we caught Pollack, one of them weighed four pounds, my personal best! Mackerel, Coalfish and even a Ling, and then to top it off we saw a fantastic sunset before heading home."
David Griffiths.

Sorry picture wasn't up faster, had a great time. The fishing trip was the best we had ever been on and hope to come back next year".
Malcolm and Calum Haddock

"I spent an evening recently with Andy fishing off the rocks near Borrisdale, for anyone looking for a fun and economical way to experience the best way to fish the local waters around Harris, Andy is definitely the right guy. Andy was extremely accommodating, he handled and provided everything, he showed me the best techniques and explained which tackle and gear to use in case I were to set off by myself one day. We caught numerous fish of different varieties and Andy even cleaned and filleted a large Pollock I landed. Terrific fun, great experience, worth every penny!"
Simon Golding.

"I have fished on Harris for the last 3 years. My guide was Andy who has a great knowledge of his fishing subject be it trout fishing on the many lochs or sea fishing from the rocks. He introduced me to pollack on the fly last year and now I am hooked on this method. I cannot wait to this year's trip". Kenny Hastings, Scottish Borders

"Our first trip to Harris was one my whole family will never forget, within 30 minutes of meeting our guide Andy, we were down on the rocks catching our tea. Not being experienced fishermen, Andy quickly showed us the ropes. I caught the first fish, quickly followed by my 2 Sons and then not to be out done my Wife who has never fished before, caught a beautiful Pollack. Then we were off back to the house and had our catch for tea which will never be forgotten. We had a lovely week on the Island catching fish every day, and our thanks go out to Andy for being such a great guide".
Gary Kennedy, Berwickshire

An afternoon fly fishing for Pollack ranks as some of the best sport I've ever had. Andy is an extremely knowledgeable, resourceful and patient guide and good company too. Thanks for a marvellous experience. I strongly recommend it.
Simon Williams