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Wildlife on Harris

Otter swimming close to shore

The Isle of Harris is rich in wildlife and on our trips regular sights are Gannets, often seen patrolling up and down the coast searching for the next meal. They are amazing to watch, as they plummet from a great height on to an unsuspecting fish. Watch the majestic Golden Eagles, they seem to float on the thermal winds, at times they are barely a dot, due to the height they are soaring.

We regularly see Porpoises and Seals, Sea Eagles, Puffins, Basking sharks and even Minkie Whales have all been sighted on our trips.  We also have Otters, but from my own experience they tend to show themselves when I’m not trying to find them!  For our guests it's very rare not to come across (or in my case, put my hand in) the little signs they have left behind!